Unarmed Employment Entry Level Requirements:

asp2.gif (1184 bytes)    20hr Unarmed Security Training and be in
          Possession of Certificate of Completion.

asp2.gif (1184 bytes)    Current Permanent Employee Regulation Card. (PERC).

asp2.gif (1184 bytes)    Current Drivers License or State ID.

asp2.gif (1184 bytes)   Social Security Card.

asp2.gif (1184 bytes) High School Diploma or Equivalent.

asp2.gif (1184 bytes)  Armed Requirements: A minim of 40hr to include the above
          plus 20hr under “The Department shall issue a firearm
          authorization card to a person who has passed an approved
          basic firearm training course, who is currently employed by
          an agency certified under this Act and who has met all the
          requirements of the Act, and who possesses a valid Firearm
          Owner Identification Card.”

asp2.gif (1184 bytes)   Note: Applicant Subject to Further Screening Upon Hiring.

Requirement: Be  in compliant With the Illinois
Department of Professional Regulation.